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Nature, Culture, Adventure –
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Nevada County is in great part the tale of three cities; Grass Valley, Nevada City and Truckee…three of the most visited historic downtowns in the western United States. Each unique and special in their own way yet sharing a common bond of geography, a pioneer spirit, the quest for adventure and a better life.

The geography is a beautiful slice of nature that encompasses everything from gently rolling hills and meandering streams with a smattering of oak and pine trees to majestic forests with sheer cliffs and raging rivers.

The Adventure is an outdoor adventure playground that rivals the best. Activities such as horseback riding, kayaking, mountain biking, water sports, snow sports and fishing are just a few of what makes Nevada County, California an outdoor enthusiast's dream come true!

The pioneer spirit and quest for a better life is a community that attracts and embraces the arts. Where high-tech lives side-by-side with nature, and living green is not just a politically correct slogan but for many, a way of life.

While browsing this website, you'll not only learn of Grass Valley, Nevada City and Truckee , but of lessor known Nevada County California historic downtowns as well. See many of their unique shops, historic hotels and bed & breakfast inns, art galleries, wine tasting rooms, world-class restaurants, entertainment and real estate. Nestled in the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, these downtown areas are exquisitely preserved with gold rush era brick buildings, Victorian style homes and mountain log cabins. Offering visitors a glimpse into the past while providing endless possibilities for a relaxing getaway in the present, you'll not want to miss seeing these jems!